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CPAP therapy always has room for improvement. If you’re unhappy with your current mask or you want to see what else is out there, you can try any or all of the AirFit masks risk-free.

How Do You Take Advantage of This Great Offer?

1. Add the Easy Breathe Mask Guarantee (normally $24.95) and your new mask to your cart.

The Mask Guarantee is a product that, when purchased in addition to the AirFit mask of your choice, allows for a full refund if you are not satisfied. Easy Breathe’s usual return policy is to issue 100% store credit. Now, you can try the mask worry free.

2. Enter the coupon code RISKFREE to get the Mask Guarantee for FREE. You are now protected in the event that your new mask just doesn’t work out.

3. Send it back within 30 days and you get a 100% refund or 100% store credit. Your choice. CLICK HERE to add the Mask Guarantee to your cart.

AirFit P10 – $99


The AirFit P10 is the newest nasal pillow mask from ResMed. It is 50% quieter and 50% smaller than the previous model. One happy customer writes, “It is the most comfortable mask. Takes just a little bit of time to get used to it, but after you do, you almost forget it’s on. I love it and won’t use anything else.” The three piece design makes it easy to use and easy to assemble. The soft straps and trampoline seal increase the comfort. The P10 is far and away our most popular nasal pillow. Now is the perfect time for you to give it a try.


AirFit N10 – $99


You get the best of both worlds with the AirFit N10. It is minimal and offers a clear field of vision like a nasal pillow mask, but it covers your nose like a traditional nasal mask. What makes this mask truly unique is the magnetic clasp. Just pull on the magnetic tab and slip your mask off. Don’t take our word for it. Dan W. writes,  “I have had this mask for about a year. I find it to be highly comfortable and it adjusts very well to my head.”


AirFit N20 – $99


The newest AirFit N20 nasal mask comes with an array of improvements. The new seal design adapts to you so you get a comfortable, silent seal no matter what position you’re in. Magnetic clips and a quick-release elbow make it easy to put on and take off your mask – even in the dark. Sherry writes, “The N20 mask does not slide around, I breath unrestricted, streams of air doesn’t blow out on me like some cushions and there are NO red marks on my face each morning! The flexible frame has a integrated padding that is so soft I don’t feel it.”


AirFit F10 – $149


I think this review sums up the AirFit F10 well. “Love this mask. Best full face mask yet. Very little to no leakage around mask, fits so much better. Headgear is more sturdy and NO CLIPS to deal with falling on the floor. Air blows out sides, so no air blowing on your face and head. Cushion is part of the mask, so it doesn’t come loose…I love it and recommend it highly.” One thing our reviewer forgot to mention was the quick release tube. Detach the tube with the touch of a button for for late night trips out of bed.


AirFit F20 – $149


There are so many things to love about the latest AirFit F20 full face mask. The soft, fabric covered frame is flexible and gentle on your skin. The frame includes integrated padding and feels very plush. The fabric frame is flexible and easy to customize to your exact fit. The new seal design adapts to you so you get a comfortable and silent seal no matter what position you’re sleeping in. Magnetic clips make it easy to slip your mask on and off.


 If you need help selecting a mask, click here to chat now or call 866-564-2252 to speak to a CPAP product specialist. CLICK HERE to add the Mask Guarantee to your cart and apply the coupon code. 


*Refunds will exclude cost of shipping label should you request one. Offer not valid with insurance orders.

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