Top 3 Most Innovative CPAP Masks


When most people picture CPAP masks they picture big plastic contraptions that make the wearer look like a fighter pilot or Darth Vader. Not anymore. There are have been some amazing strides in CPAP technology in the past couple years. Let’s take a look.

1. DreamWear – A Mask Unlike Any Other


Notice anything different about the DreamWear? Something’s missing and CPAP users are really happy about it. The DreamWear doesn’t have an elephantine tube dangling from the mask. The tube connects at the top of the head keeping it up and out of the way. No more tangling in your tube at night. The tube on top is not the only innovation. The DreamWear is a minimal as your typical nasal pillow mask, but instead of going into the nose it seals just under it.

For CPAP users who are nasal pillow enthusiasts, but still appreciate the design of the DreamWear you can now get the DreamWear with gel pillows. With DreamWear, you get the best of both worlds.

To sum it up, the DreamWear is innovative because:

  • The tube connects on top of the head
  • It is incredibly minimal
  • You can choose from either a nasal cushion or gel pillows

2. AirFit P10 – Whisper Quiet


The P10 is the quietest CPAP mask out there. The unique mesh exhaust ensures neither you or your bed partner are disturbed by noise or gushing air. In addition to being quiet the P10 is also comfortable. The quick-fit elastic headgear is covered in soft cloth and stretches easily over the head. Getting the right fit is easy with elastic headgear.

Long Story Short:

  • Get the P10 to silence your CPAP therapy
  • Stretchy headgear is comfy and makes putting your mask on in the dark easy

3. Amara View – A Full Face Mask That Doesn’t Feel Like a Full Face Mask


The Amara View is the DreamWear’s full faced relative. Like the DreamWear, the Amara View seals under the nose instead of going over it. The Amara View’s unique design, prevents sores from forming on the bridge of the nose. This mask is smaller and lighter than any other full face. It isn’t going to weigh you down. It also offers the widest field of vision (or the best view – hence the name) of any CPAP mask. You can wear your glasses, read or watch TV as you fall asleep. Finally a CPAP mask where form meets function.

The Amara View is better than other full face masks because:

  • It doesn’t cover your nose and cause sores
  • It is super light
  • You can read or watch TV in bed unencumbered


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