NBC Nightly News Reports on Sleep Apnea Link to Memory Loss


NBC reports on a new study that found heavy snorers and sleep apnea sufferers show signs of memory loss or dementia 10 years before those who sleep well every night. We are very glad that NBC is spreading the word on sleep apnea. It effects over 18 million Americans, can severely lessen your quality of life and increase health risks. For those who are new to Easy Breathe we can help with everything from getting tested to getting replacement equipment. View the Nightly News segment below and contact Easy Breathe to get help.

Read more about sleep apnea and Alzheimer’s.

Read more about sleep apnea and dementia.


If you or a loved one suspects they may have sleep apnea, get tested as soon as possible. It is now easier than ever. You can do it right in the comfort of your own home.



*Insurance only covers the Home Sleep Test Package and not the Easy Sleep Apnea Test Package. The Home Sleep Test Package requires a prescription for the test from a doctor you see in person. Insurance requires this in person doctor visit. Click here for more details. Need more help? Call 866-564-2252.

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