I’m a Side Sleeper: Help Me Find My CPAP Mask!



Approximately 69% of people sleep on their side. You’d think with those kind of numbers, all CPAP masks would be made with side sleepers in mind. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Never fear. Help is on the way.

Swift FX ($118)


The Swift FX nasal pillow mask has unique flexible dual wall pillows that keep their seal no matter what your sleeping position is. The adjustable silicone headgear contours to your face to get a snug fit that is still comfortable. Mask wraps are included with the mask system to soften the straps and prevent those red marks you get from the mask pressing into your cheek.


AirFit P10 ($118 $99)


The P10 is a very popular mask for side sleepers because of its soft, thin fabric covered straps. Another bonus? It is 50% quieter than its predecessor.


Eson 2 ($109)


If nasal pillows aren’t your thing, try the new and improved Eson 2 nasal mask. Recent improvements have made this mask easier to use and more comfortable than ever. The RollFit Seal is designed to deliver a precise fit and effective seal by automatically adjusting on the bridge of the nose. Washable diffuser reduces noise and draft and is now washable and more durable.


Mirage Activa ($99)


The Mirage Activa is an oldie but a goodie designed with side sleepers in mind. The Mirage Activa’s Active Cell technology allows the mask frame to move independently from the cushion, which helps the cushion stay put. You’ll want to try this mask if you have a high pressure or move around in your sleep.


Simplus ($159.99)


Fisher and Paykel’s Simplus mask is a game changer. The roll fit seal rolls back and forth on the bridge of the nose to ensure your getting a solid seal without any discomfort.


Memory Foam CPAP Pillow ($85)


Some of you are probably thinking, “But, I like my mask!” or “I’m tired of trying mask after mask!”  I hear you and The Memory Foam CPAP Pillow can help. It has special cut outs and adjustable height so your mask isn’t touching the pillow. No pillow contact means no leaks. Plus, it has cooling gel and ventilated foam to keep you cool and perspiration free.   The Memory Foam Pillow is more expensive then your average pillow, but this pillow will last for years. It even has a two year warranty.



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